In the depths of the hands

"The hand is the instrument of instruments" Aristotle

The well-being of the body has always been a common thread in my life.


My body awareness has developed over time, through different practices (dance, figure skating, yoga, meditation, Qi gong).

On a daily basis I am animated by the desire for harmony, hygiene and fluidity of the body.  And this becomes as a result an integral part of my life.


Thanks to Jean Chaar, Masseur-Kinesitherapist, who is blind, my hands were trained in massages in the most beautiful rules of this art: exchange, respect for the mechanics of the body and all its energetic subtleties, consciousness and presence of the one who is massaging and the importance of his intention.


From the different massages learned, I selected those working on the body fluids, which are lymph and energetics.


Through the Lympho-Energy and Douceur du Monde, Ayurvedic massage and Kobido training, I acquired quality techniques, while keeping a subtle approach to the body:


Requirement and precision of the gesture which in the shade can become light, even airy, sensitivity of each finger movement, importance of the angle and positioning of the hands, awareness of the body as a whole.


In the depths of my hands, the lymph becomes fluid, the face gets transformed and redrawn, tensions are released and the body takes its rightful place in the harmony, lightness and fluidity that now becomes your own.

My Training & Certificates

  • Kobido® by Dr Shogo Mochizuki, 26th master of the Kobido® house

  • Lympho-Energie® by Dominique Jacquemay by Cédric Heitz (Oxyzen)

  • Face Sculpting® with Yakov Gershkovich

  • Douceur du Monde® by Dominique Jacquemay by Philippe Alonso (Oxyzen)

  • Ayurvedic massage by Jean Chaar, Masseur-Kynésitherapist

  • Digitopuncture training by Jean Pelissier

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