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Before the appointment


In case of feverish symptoms the previous days, please cancel the appointment.


People with a medical contraindication (cancer, diabetes, hypertension, chronic bronchitis, kidney or heart failure, etc.) as well as pregnant women cannot make an appointment.


An informed consent which will be sent to you by email beforehand must be signed and delivered on the day of the appointment.


The day of the appointment


Wearing a mask is compulsory. Also remember to bring your own pen or ideally to prepare your payment in advance.


I will welcome you with a mask at the bottom of the building (so that you do not touch any handle and button) so remember to call me on my mobile just before your arrival. No guide can ride with us.


We will take off our shoes and wash our hands and forearms. We will no longer use any personal effects, nor touch any object / surface.


A place for undressing and your belongings is provided. A hydroalcoholic gel is available.


Before and after your session, I make sure to disinfect the massage table and surfaces used. The sheets are disposable and the towels washed at 60 ° C. My outfit is reserved for my massage activity and my mask changed within the limit of its lifespan.

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