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Body Massage

Three relaxing massages

with varied effects

Ayurvedic massage

Relaxes, detoxifies, balances

Back Massage_edited.jpg

A gem

Unique this massage has been practiced for several generations in a family in India as tradition dictates.


The particularity of this massage is to act in a very complete way: it detoxifies, relaxes in depth while balancing and harmonizing the energy in the whole organism.

The revitalized body finds its rightful place in harmony and fluidity.



Deep relaxation

Elimination of toxins


Toning action

Preventive action​

60 mins - €80

Lympho-Energy Bod



Booster to eliminate

Thanks to a light and wavy gesture that boosts the lymph and stimulates the glands, this massage effectively eliminatestoxins and excess body fluids.

The acupressure of Chinese energy points reinforces the lymphatic flow.

Benefits of massage:

Promotes circulation

fight against water retention

Aid in wound healing

Sports recovery aid


​60 mins - €80 / 95 mins - €95

For an optimum effect to practice in cure then in punctual maintenance.​

Vera Hollan is Lympho-Energie® certified

Sweetness of the World®


This massage is a selection of the most beautiful oriental massage gestures.

The movements follow one another like an enveloping choreography that provides a real moment of relaxation, harmony and fluidity.

Tensions are released in depth.



Release the tensions


Body 60 mins - 80

Back 45 mins - 60

Vera Hollan is certified Douceur du Monde®

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