Body massages




The Lympho-Energie® massage created by Dominique Jacquemay, graduate in lymphatic drainage (Vodder / Leduc) and in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Shanghai University), combines lymphatic drainage and Chinese medicine in an unpre

All in lightness and precision, this massage promotes the acceleration of lymphatic flow, cell regeneration, drainage and natural self-purification of toxins from the body, while restoring the path of energy.

Thanks to the stimulation of points used in Chinese medicine, along the meridians, the drainage effect is reinforced.

Lympho-Energie® is indicated in the following cases:

Water retention,
Heavy legs,
Cellulite, Body contouring
Circulatory difficulties,
Stress, loss of vitality,
Aesthetic pre- and post-operative treatments (for better healing)

Sports recovery.

An occasional session brings relaxation, dynamism and a feeling of lightness.

For an optimum effect to be practiced in close sessions, then in occasional maintenance.

60 min - 80 €

75 min - 95 €


Ayurvedic massage

This sesame oil massage is known for its preventive and depurative properties and its ability to distribute energy throughout the body. Its effects are revitalizing and unifying, it eliminates toxins and brings relaxation, well-being and harmony.

Thanks to the techniques of pressure, effleurage and kneading, this enveloping massage allows a work in depth.

By following the energy lines of the body (Nâdis), the chakras, the Ayurvedic massage distributes, stimulates and balances the vital energy (Prana).

Ayurvedic massage has many benefits:

Deep relaxation of the body,

Helps to balance sleep.

Improved blood and lymphatic circulation

Elimination of toxins.

Toning action,

Strengthening the immune system

60 min - 80 €


Pulse Massage


The combined action of 2 complementary massages (Ayurvedic and Lympho Energie) gives a real boost to the body both through its energizing power and through its reinforced draining effect.

A boost to regain energy and lightness.

Ayurvedic massage prepares the body by releasing it deeply from any blockage and restoring vital energy.


Place is made for Lympho Energie massage, which is even more effective in eliminating toxins and stimulating lymphatic flow, thus perfecting the harmony that has been restored.

In-depth work, then lightness for total well-being.

2 hours - 160 €

Massage du dos

Sweetness of the World®


From the most beautiful traditions of the East (India, Korea, Thai, China), this oil massage is a harmonious and enveloping sequence of 100 maneuvers.

The movement, like a choreography, without ever letting go of contact, connects the different parts of the body.

Effleurages and relaxation movements on the Chinese meridians provide a real moment of relaxation, harmony and fluidity.

This massage releases deep tensions.


Body 60 min - 80 €

Back 45 min - 60 €

These wellness massages are in no way comparable to a medical therapeutic technique and do not replace the practice of masso-physiotherapy or osteopathy