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Facial massages

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This ancestral japanese face massage is considered an art.

All in precision, finesse and subtlety, Kobido® is akin to a choreography with technical and varied gestures.

This exceptional massage is a unique experience that provides deep relaxation, out of time.

Kobido® provides a real natural rejuvenation solution and is recognized as one of the most effective techniques today.

This massage slows down skin aging, redraws the contours of the face, stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, promotes collagen production, re-oxygenates the epidermis, reduces wrinkles, relaxes muscles, stimulates energy points and brings deep relaxation.

For an optimum effect to be practiced as a cure then as a one-off maintenance.

30 min - € 75/45 min-105 €/60 ​​min - € 140

Vera Hollan is certified as a Kobido® facialist by the 26th master Shogo Mochizuki, sole heir of the Kobido® house.


Face Sculpting® / Sculptural face lift


This innovative massage sculpts the face and provides a natural anti-aging solution.

Thanks to muscle stretching and deep tissue work from the bust to the face, this massage relaxes, strengthens and tones up while releasing all emotional tensions.


The action of Lifting Sculptural is multiple: This massage brings relaxation and relaxation and unties spasms and blockages. It stimulates collagen, elastin and lymph. The loss of bone mass is compensated, the face plumped, the oval redrawn and toned, the cheekbones raised, the skin re-oxygenated and the wrinkles smoothed.

For an optimum effect to be practiced as a cure then as a one-off maintenance.


45 min- 105 € / 60 min - 140 €

Vera Hollan is Face Sculpting® certified by Yakov Gershkovich


Lympho Energie® Face and Eyes


The Lympho-Energie® massage created by Dominique Jacquemay, graduate in lymphatic drainage (Vodder / Leduc) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (Shanghai University), combines lymphatic drainage and Chinese medicine in an unprecedented way.

All in lightness, this massage:

  • promotes acceleration of lymphatic flow,

  • cell regeneration,

  • drainage and natural self-purification of toxins,

  • restores the energy path thanks to the stimulation of points used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Lympho-Energie® face and eyes:

  • deflate the face

  • improves skin quality

  • relieves sinuses

  • improves healing (pre and post aesthetic treatment)

  • reduces wrinkles

  • reduces dark circles and bags under the eyes

For an optimum effect to be practiced in close sessions, then in occasional maintenance.

45 min - 75 €

Vera Hollan is Lympho Energie® certified


Facial massages are practiced occasionally or as a treatment


Occasional session :

To refresh the features,

restore radiance and tone to the skin,

erase the effect of stress

relax the whole body


Regular care:

To slow down skin aging,

redraw the oval of the face,

enhance the cheekbones,

stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation,

promote collagen production,

re-oxygenate the epidermis,

smooth fine lines and wrinkles,

relax the facial muscles,

bring deep relaxation.

A protocol will be adapted to the singularity of your face (one or more complementary massage (s)).

A tailor-made rejuvenation treatment to regain the natural beauty of your face.


Frequency: first cure of 7 to 10 sessions, once or twice a week, followed by occasional maintenance sessions.

Possibility of following a facial self-massage training in order to prolong the benefits of the sessions.

These wellness massages are in no way comparable to a medical therapeutic technique and do not replace the practice of masso-physiotherapy or osteopathy

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