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Massages du Visage

Occasionnellement ou en plusieurs séances, les massages du visage procurent u

Une s
éance occasionnelle permet de;

  • rafraîchir les traits,

  • redonner éclat et tonicité à la peau,

  • effacer l’effet du stress

  • relaxer l’ensemble du corps


Plusieurs séances permettent de:

  • ralentir le vieillissement cutané,

  • redessiner l’ovale du visage,

  • rehausser les pommettes,

  • stimuler la circulation sanguine et lymphatique,

  • favoriser la production de collagène,

  • réoxygéner l’épiderme,

  • lisser rides et ridules,

  • détendre les muscles du visage,

  • apporter une profonde relaxation.

Facial Massage

Beautify while relaxing


From the first session, your beauty is enhanced: plumped up, your face is radiant and your features are rested. A precious moment of total letting go.

For a more lasting effect to practice in rejuvenation cure.

Kobido® massage

Lifting, plumping, draining

The supreme art of massage

48 techniques of great precision have been refined over the centuries and transmitted, by the 26th Japanese master, to a handful of practitioners around the world.

Your face radiates youth

The choreography of the hands installs a deep relaxation where light strokes, smoothing, kneading, vibrations, pressure, percussion, stretching alternate.

The natural beauty of your face emerges sublimated: the tissues are drained, the wrinkles smoothed, the skin plumped, the oval redrawn.

The benefits:

deep relaxation

Firmed and purified skin

Redesigned oval

Wrinkles smoothed

Plumped up muscles

​30 mins - €75 / 45 mins - €105 

60 mins - €140

Vera Hollan is certified as a facialist by the 26th master Shogo Mochizuki, the only heir to the Kobido® lineage

Lympho-Energy Face®



Booster to eliminate

Thanks to a light and wavy gesture that boosts the lymph and stimulates the glands, this massage effectively eliminatestoxins and excess fluids from the face.

The acupressure of Chinese energy points reinforces the lymphatic flow.

Benefits of massage:

Deflates the face

Firms the skin

Relieves sinuses

Accelerates healing

Reduce dark circles and puffiness


​45 min - 75 €

Vera Hollan is Lympho-Energie® certified

Face Sculpting®


Toning the muscles

This massage stimulates the muscle mass of the face and neck.

Thanks to stretching and in-depth massages, the features are smoothed, the muscles plumped up, the production of collagen stimulated, the tissues oxygenated.


Release tension

The emotional tensions that sit in our muscles are released, providing relief and overall relaxation.

The benefits:

Spasms and blockages released

Plumped face,

Redesigned oval



​45 mins - €105 / 60 mins - €140

Vera Hollan is certified Face-Sculpting®


Individual follow-up

Like a workout, this tailor-made cure helps to fight against sagging of the face and the appearance of wrinkles. Session after session by soliciting the muscles and stimulating the lymph, the different areas of the face relearn how to find firmness, radiance and curves.


To install these effects more durably, plan 7 to 10 sessions once a week, followed by a maintenance session every 6 to 8 weeks.

Package 5 sessions 60 min - 590 €


Possibility of following a facial self-massage training to prolong the benefits of the sessions

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