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Combined Massages

Each Duo of massages creates unique osmosis for even more well-being.

Relaxation, Harmony, Energy & Beauty

Two prestigious massages for total well-being


The excellence and refinement of ancestral body and face massages (Ayurvedic and Kobido) provides deep relaxation, while restoring vital energy throughout the body.

Soothed, detoxified, relaxed, your body regains its fluidity, harmony and energy.


The natural beauty of your face comes out enhanced and radiates youthfulness.

105 mins - 180 €

Relaxation and Beauty


Embellish yourself and resolve tensions

The combination of the Douceur du Monde back massage and the Kobido face helps to release the main tensions in the body and enhance the natural beauty of your face. 

The movements follow one another like an enveloping choreography, conducive to total relaxation.

Back tensions are released in depth and your face radiates youthfulness.

75min - 140 €

Head-to-toe detoxification


The combination of the face and body Lympho-Energy massage effectively eliminates toxins and excess liquids from the body. The acupressure of Chinese energy points reinforces the lymphatic flow.

Soothed you feeldraw fluidity and lightness throughout your body.

90 mins - €140


Relaxation, Energy, Lightness

A boost to regain energy and lightness

The combined action of two complementary massages, Ayurvedic and Lympho-Energy, gives a real boost to the body both by its energizing power and by its reinforced draining effect.

Ayurvedic massage frees the body in depth from any blockage and restores vital energy.
Place is made for the Lympho-Energy massage which proves to be even more effective in the elimination of toxins, thus perfecting the rediscovered harmony.

In-depth work then lightness for total well-being.

120 mins - €160

Refocus and Apeace

Our feet and our face are wonderful microcosms of our body. Massaging these areas connects, rebalances, relaxes the entire body and deeply relaxes the mind.

The combination of Kobido facial massage and reflexology is a unique experience, a journey between Heaven and Earth, Treetops and Roots from which we return with a pleasant feeling of harmony, lightness and fluidity.

90 mins - €170

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