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Soothe, balance, strengthen

Your feet, hands, ears and face represent in a miniaturized way all the parts, systems and organs of your body. Massaging these reflex zones effectively restores the natural balance of your body.

Personalize to better target

Further to a personal questionnaire, a massage will be dedicated to you, totally adapted to your current needs. The effectiveness of this individualized approach will be reinforced by the combination of one or more technique(s) chosen by your reflexologist: plantar reflexology combined with reflexology of the ears or face or the stimulation of specific points.

The benefits


RELIEVE stress,

STIMULATE vitality and immunity,

PREVENT and RELIEVE disorders and tensions,

REBALANCING the digestive, nervous, endocrine systems,

HARMONIZE blood and lymphatic circulation.

One session is enough to feel well-being. Several sessions allow real improvement to occur.

Reflexology 60 min - 80 €

Reflexology 45 min - €70

Package 3 sessions 60 min - €220

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